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Language Resources

Primary Sources 

My Life in San Juan by Esther Martinez 

Secondary Sources 

The Green Book of Language Revitalization in Practice. By Leanne Hinton and Ken Hale (Eds.)

Indigenous Youth and Multilingualism: Language Identity, Ideology, and Practice in Dynamic Cultural Worlds by Leisy T. Wyman, Teresa L. McCarty, and Sheilah E. Nicholas

When Literacy Empowers. By Dan McLaughlin

Nurturing Native Languages. By Jon Reyhner (Ed.)

Can Threatened Languages Be Saved? By Joshua Fishman (Ed.)

Boarding School Seasons by Brenda Childs

Multimedia & Other Visual Resources

  1. IndigNM Language Revitalization YouTube Playlist 
  2. Never Alone Video Game 
  3. FNX Films/APTN Shows
  4. Melissa Henry – Navajo Language Filmmaker 
  5. Chasing Voices: John Peabody Harrington & the Language Revitalization Movement – PBS