Native Curriculum Partnership

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Native Curriculum Partnership (NCP) is a University of New Mexico initiative led by the Center for Regional Studies, the Department of Native American Studies, and the Institute for American Indian Education. The Native Curriculum Partnership collaborates with local tribal leaders, Native educators, and community consultants to create Indigenous film and curriculum materials for K-12 students in New Mexico.


The Native Curriculum Partnership recognizes the Yazzie/Martinez v. State of New Mexico decision and the efforts to support college and career-ready education opportunities for all students – primarily low-income, students of color, English language learners, and students with disabilities.  

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NCP Team Members
Pictured from left to right, Back Row: Dr. Shawn Secatero, Dr. Tiffany S. Lee, Dr. Leola Paquin, Halle Sago, Aracely Chapa, Marina Perez, and Dr. Lloyd L. Lee. Front Row: Dr. Glenabah Martinez and Alisha Fitzgerald. Not pictured: Dr. Wendy S. Greyeyes, Renata Yazzie, and Dr. Natalie Martinez 


Native Curriculum Partnership Members

Table of names and titles of Native Curriculum Partnership Members

Dr. Lloyd L. Lee   

Center for Regional Studies, Director 

Dr. Tiffany S. Lee 

Native American Studies, Department Chair 

Dr. Glenabah Martinez   

Institute for American Indian Education, Director 

Dr. Wendy S. Greyeyes 

Native American Studies Department 

Dr. Leola Paquin   

Native American Studies Department 

Dr. Shawn Secatero 

Institute for American Indian Education 

Aracely Chapa 

Center for Regional Studies, Filmmaker & Manager of Multimedia Services 

Alisha Fitzgerald 

Center for Regional Studies, Program Coordinator 

Renata Yazzie   

Artist Consultant 

Dr. Natalie Martinez

Indigenous Education Consultant

Marina Perez   

Graduate Assistant 

Halle Sago 

Graduate Assistant